Hotel first floor, cafe.

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Xue Xiaogang came downstairs and met someone. The man in his fifties was wearing ordinary short-sleeved pants and stepping on a pair of cloth shoes. Roughly, it looks like an old accountant in a fast-retiring factory.

But he groaned to his face, but he saw something extraordinary: the distance between the eyebrow and the eyebrow, between the eye and the eye, was far greater than ordinary people. His nose was straight and his lips were thick.

This combination of five features, the first reaction is ugly, but more than a few glances, but feel that there is a very special temperament.

“This is Li Daoyu. This is my friend. Come and sit.”

Chen Hao did not mention the name of Xue Hao, greeted the two people to sit down and called some tea and dried fruits.

Xue Hao is very interested in the opening and asked: “Mr. Lee, are you from the door?”

“I don’t have a teacher or a teacher, and it’s an ancestral song.” Li Daoyu laughed.

“Oh, Xiao Chen didn’t praise you so much. Then I took the liberty. What would you do?” he said.

“I will be very mixed, I do not know what you want to see?” The other party is very calm.

“Oh? Then you look at my face first?”


Li Daoyu took the under-eyes and looked at him for half a minute. Fang Fang said: “I look at your short round head, clear eyes and clear eyes, wide and long eyebrows, abundance at the beginning and end, and high living expenses. You are either the official or the rich.”


Xue Hao was undecided. He came with Chen Hao, and Chen Hao was a local tyrant. Saying this can also mean nothing.

And immediately followed, the other said: “But your frontal line is curved like a water, the decree is broken, and the right pattern is even worse. I’m offended. Is your mother still alive?”


Xue Hao was shocked this time. His mother went away several years ago. There are not many people who know him. Can anyone actually see it?

His mind was fluctuating and he did not answer, and Li Daoyu slandered him. Then he said, “You have a rich ridge, and there is a straight rule on the left and right sides of the cheekbones. This is another popular gathering. The middle-aged Universiade. Good guess, you must have a good thing happen recently.”

Got it!

Hearing here, Xue Hao counted.

He quickly got up and poured a cup of tea for him, saying: “Sir really was an expert and I was just rude.”

“Oh, no harm. There are too many things to pretend to be ghosts now, and there is a good thing to be alert.”

“Are you still working now?” he asked.

“Hey, usually put a stall selling and selling old books, not as good as you.”

“Then you have such a great skill, why is it not revealed?”

“Oh, my ancestors have life, and I must not defy it.”

Li Daoyu sighed and said helplessly: “Not to mention the present society. I am a feudal superstition and I do not want to mess with that trouble. If it wasn’t for Chen Chen who was with me, I wouldn’t see you today.”

The two talked for a long time, but she put Chen Hao to the side. And Li Daoyu looked at the time, nearly six o’clock, and then said: “It’s not early, I should go back.”

“Sir, I live in Shengtian, and I will visit you tomorrow!” Xue Xi, though excited, still has a sense of respect.

“Oh, Ye Hao, Chen knows my address.”

Li Daoyu really looks like an ordinary person and refuses Xue Hao’s good intentions to go home on a bicycle.

It happens to be a late peak, traffic is crowded, people come and go, and the streets are bleak. He rode his old bicycle and marched in the rapids, but it was as far away from the world as it was. It was quite odd and unique.

About half an hour later, Li Daoyu stopped at an old residential building. This is a staff dormitory of a certain unit. It has been for several decades and some old people are living.

He was upstairs and he could not wait to see it. The home is two bedrooms and one living room, the space is very small, even the balcony is full of debris.

He ran to the balcony and pulled out a big box from the messy stuff. This box should be a coffin. It has been around for a long time. The outside paint has been mottled and hung with a brass lock.


The lock opens and a thick red cloth is inside. He uncovered the red cloth, and suddenly there was a trace of strangeness and enthusiasm in his eyes. With a stretch of his hand, he took out a raft a foot high.

This long square, very well maintained, blood red wood, fine carving, left and right engraved with four gold:

Promise ancestors, Sanyang III.

Nanjing Night Network finished walking forward.

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In front of it, Nanjing Night Net watched Nanjing Night Net come over and spit it out on the ground. This was very uncivilized.

“I just saw Huang Guangyi pass by them. They look very ugly. Then I called your people…” The secretary said, “I don’t really have anything to do with me!”

Nanjing Night Net is very calm and nodded.

“Hey… I would have turned my heart to the bright moon, and I didn’t see the moon in the light of the ditch.”

Secretary Zheng is very deep.

Nanjing Night Network said: “Roll.”

“Rolling ass.” “Nanjing Night Net’s original shape reveals her feet and says, “What I really want to do is to rush to Huang Guangyi to chat a few words. Did you know that? I’m going to interview Lao Huang and ask him how it feels like this sudden death.

What if today is Mr. Lao?

Huang Guangyi is estimated to vomit blood.

Nanjing Night Watch looked at him helplessly.

“You didn’t tell me even if you told me that it wasn’t right.” Secretary Zheng said: “You think about it. All I said in front of me was nothing, but I didn’t do anything. What would the outsider think of me? In fact, Jiang could have added another link.”


“When Ikea was in the most difficult time, I, I was at the summit of Nanjing Night Net, and I had a press conference to announce that I was considering supporting selling IKEA. Then the media shook and the people were in tears…”

He did not finish it, until Nanjing night net delivered a smoke.

“Stupidly not stupid? Do you think it is so fun?” Nanjing Night Net said depressed: “This matter before you put it does not matter, but really went to develop the cloth will consider selling that step …”

“what happened?”

“A boss who doesn’t even value his company. Think about it, your customers, dealers, suppliers, your team and employees, and your future investors. How can they trust you wholeheartedly? You, follow you, help you?” Nanjing Nightcome paused. “So, this kind of thing can only be said. Can’t do it. Understand? Once it is done, the prospect of ascending will be over.”

“…”Nanjing took a sip and understood it. Raising his hand silently put the cigarette in his mouth and took a point and said, “Thank you… but really, it doesn’t matter.”

“I know.”Nanjing Night Net smiled, and then said: “There are one or several brothers who are desperate for you in life. It’s a good thing … And then we have to do is not let them go there someday. Hard work.”

Nanjing Night Network finished walking forward.

Zheng Shuji thought about it there: From him to the veteran, to more people, Nanjing Night has always been the case.

“What did Liu Dehua do?”

“It is also good for listing platforms.”

August night in Linzhou is still hot, but it is windy.

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August night in Linzhou is still hot, but it is windy.

Nanjing Night Net suddenly wanted to take a short walk on the streets of Linzhou in 1994.

IKEA employees either follow the car or they are willing to come and walk. They are wisely keeping their distance, allowing Nanjing Night Net and Yao to walk alone and have space for free dialogue.

Nanjing Night Net thought that there would be many words to ask, but no.

She just scattered the horse’s tail and walked easily in the breeze.

“Is there no surprise? Or would you like to ask me something?” Nanjing Night Net had no choice but to take the initiative.

He smiled and looked at the street in front of him and shook his head. He said that he did not, and then he walked for a while. Suddenly, he suddenly said something inexplicably: “Chea, I probably know you better than you think.”

This time, Nanjing Nightmare had some problems. The last time they knew it was slightly earlier than others, but it was just a little bit of time.

So from the point of view of a partner or a woman, she actually has the logic of anger and dissatisfaction, but she does not.

In retrospect, think about the date on the share transfer book.

Yes, Nanjing Night Net did not tell her her plans and preparations early on. However, it was not important. It was important that he had already made the best plans and arrangements for her from the beginning. Care and concern were not Vibrant.

Fifteen percent of the figures at the time seemed only reasonable and slightly higher. Looking back at the background of listing, it is actually a huge number.

If you do not shirk, you must keep it for him.

As a lonely and stubborn woman, she actually enjoys this feeling now.

“Look at those who choose to help you, how lucky they are.” Hey said again.

Nanjing Night Network playful said: “Fortunately did not let you down.”

The two men talked for a while and looked up to see a person standing under the power pole at the front of the road.

When they stood down, they gloated and said, “The one that seems to ask you something.”

Secretary Zheng took a dash and stood by the smoke. He had just arrived in Linzhou, arranged the stars brought by the port city and ran to the field. Unfortunately, it was still late.

“Zheng always so clever?!” Nanjing Night Net raised his hand to say hello and walked forward.

I didn’t follow, so I looked at him from behind.

The man walking in front of her was 21 years old and he had just won a business war that seemed impossible to win. He has influenced and is affecting the fate of many people.

Presumably he is warmhearted and under the impression of cynicism, he always gives the greatest kindness and trust to the people around him.

For example, er, there is also this time, those who choose to extend their gratitude in plight.

If a person’s body really has a magnetic field, then it’s easy to say around him, and it’s rare. It’s a small world of good, good and evil.

But he himself will never put his destiny into the hands of others.

It is not necessary either.

On the other side, on the edge of the kitchen.

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On the other side, on the edge of the kitchen.

“It’s okay, right?” Tang asked.

“Well, thank you, Dazhao.” Even Xiaoying sat, nodded his head, then turned his head and looked at him with his courage and shouted again: “Big brother.”

The girl’s voice was crisp and she was now slightly nervous and trembling. It was unexpectedly tempting.

Her face was a little hot and her heartbeat was heavy and quick. After she had just been rescued and held, the 18-year-old girl had a somewhat complex and hopeful mood.

“Then, you go to checkout. Laiyang, I already arranged for it. Someone will come and send him to the hospital. No worry.”

“And if you are scared later, you call me.”

Tang Lianzhao still has the look of an older brother.

“Oh.” Even Xiaoying’s voice was accompanied by a hint of regret and arrogance, and he got up and went out to pay his bills to the one who was going to leave.

After finishing the account, the assistant paid and turned to look at Huang Guangyi…

Huang Guangyi: “…yield, get together.”

Just now, he himself said that today he treats guests.

Because at that time, he felt that Nanjing Night Net would soon be bankrupt.

The fact that Nanjing Night Network is still a state of no money and will be bankrupt…

But this thing,

Nanjing Night Net knows it.

You know.

Huang Guangyi now clearly knows.

In addition, outside … no one knows.

Huang Guangyi really wants to tell everyone that all manufacturers, people, and especially investors, “Don’t believe him, he’s going bankrupt, don’t buy his stocks, don’t.”

However, it is obvious that it is already too late. After several days of bloody battles and an exclusive interview, Nanjing Night Net has created a national consensus that IKEA will win.

And in everything, he watched it complete – not moving, perfect layout, shot like a thunder.

Now, even if Huang Guangyi personally stands on the roof of the Shenghai Securities Building and shouts his throat, no one will believe him.

And after more than one hour, they suddenly fell into a dead end.

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“Hey… Hey, Huang Zong… General? Are you listening in general? Hey?!”

On the mobile phone, Huang Guangyi’s friend is raising his volume again and again because of a loss of response.

Huang Guangyi maintained the state of his last sentence after listening to Nanjing Night Network, which was probably close to one minute. He thought it was hard to understand.

“Is this okay?”

“Well, this is OK.” Nanjing Night Network answered.

Huang Guangyi slackly nodded and took his eldest brother on the handle. The voice was calm and told the opposite person: “It’s okay… I’ll hang it.”

Hang up and put down the phone.

Huang Guangyi got up and shook slightly, but he stayed up, pulled his shirt, and reached out.

shake hands.

“21-year-old, entrepreneurial two years … … Jiang always good means, Huang admire.”

“Huang always kind enough.”

Huang Guanglei smiled. “But it’s not over yet. I think I still have a chance. I’ll try again.”

Nanjing Night Net nodded.

Then Huang Guangyi first walked towards the door.


The door opened, and people in the yard turned to look at each other.

It feels like the so-called closed-door discussion between the martial arts in the early years. People outside can’t see the process, but as soon as the door is opened, people come out and who wins or loses. It can be seen from the surface and the body.

Huang Guangyi took the first step in the doorway, and the answer was revealed: IKEA is really listed.

Two people in the yard.

While holding both hands at the same time, IKEA’s presence was too silent because of too much excitement, and they began to stand calmly in the room. Their young boss cheered.

The great joy and strong confidence in the future of IKEA, as well as the incomparable admiration of the young man inside, have reached an unprecedented height.

Another dialect face each other, tongue-tied, most of them stand on the spot. Only a few reactions took time to meet Huang Guangyi.

Huang Guangyi worked hard and smiled a bit under the palms of his hand and strove forward with great strides. However, an embarrassment…

Fortunately, the assistants and deputy chiefs handed over each of them one by one to hold him up.

More than an hour ago, they came here and took the initiative to touch Nanjing Night Net because they had taken the basis that IKEA was almost inevitably breaking the capital chain, and deliberately tried to poke through the nightmare created by Nanjing Night Net to prosper.

And after more than one hour, they suddenly fell into a dead end.

 Now, the overall situation has been set.

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The entire clue seems to suddenly become clear.

Why does Nanjing Night Net have to concentrate the funds that could have been able to drag for half a month in a shorter period of time? The gambling style creates a false prosperity and IKEA must win.

Because IKEA wants to go public, he is making a comeback for the share price.

IKEA is not likely to be listed on the basis of reason. This is known to everyone as the manager of the same type of company, Huang Guangyi, so the first time his emotional collapse in the process of answering the phone, not only because of the defeat, but also because of such sudden death, He has always been unable to accept and believe.

The answer has already come out, IKEA borrowed a shell, this shell is called love to make shares, is one of the old stocks in Shanghai.

As for why the love of the shares is willing to be borrowed, it is not long, but it is a bit embarrassing – because the person who decided not to borrow was Nanjing Night Net.

Of course, only Nanjing knew it. He thought that because he didn’t understand the size of the plate, he tried to fry the bull stocks. As a result, he took too much money. When he accidentally scrambled to become a shareholder, he was still very plaintive.

The person who had done this with him at the time was called Hu Hao. He was a pirate. He was even more ignorant than Nanjing Night. He didn’t even recognize the word.

Love initially made the state-owned shares, but this did not prevent it from becoming the most frequent stock of A-share equity changes in previous lives. The characteristics of the whole circulation, together with the small size of the dish, the dispersed ownership, and perhaps the leadership’s openness, have made it a very enthusiastic choice for the A-share market later, whether it is speculators or tycoons.

In the past life, Aishi’s shares only became five-year-old in the ten years after their listing. Natural persons Hu Mou, Liao Guofa, Yanzhong, Dagang Oilfield, and Tomorrow’s line took turns to take over.

In this world, its remarriage journey temporarily stopped at Nanjing Night Net. As for Nanjing Night Network, it was the first few hands, and it was not quite understood. It was definitely later than Hu Hu, a natural man.

In short, Chencang was in the dark, Nanjing completed the operation of IKEA backdoor listing, and it put forward the protagonist a few months earlier than the first classic case of backdoor listing in the history of the Chinese stock market.

The original example of the original, Zhuhai Hengtong acquisition of Sheng Hai Liangguang, but also eaten the state-owned shares listed companies. Then, in 1995, the backdoor listing began to “flood”, and China’s stock market gradually became the world’s most willing to play the game’s stock market.

Express this paragraph in another way: At this stage, the leaders allowed this to happen.

Not to mention that Nanjing Night Net has also made a lot of lobbying and preparation work for clients.

Because it is the first case, there are no examples to follow, so that the artificial factors of this operation are far greater than the rules, so that Nanjing Night Net has gained great convenience.

Go back and say: If Huang Guangyi knows early, is it possible to block it?

The answer is yes.

If he knows that it is an early stage, he can completely block and delay IKEA to complete the operation through official wrestling;

Even if he knows that the time has come to an end, he still has time to do one thing: In the duel, at the cost of IKEA, he has to force IKEA to fall into the brink of bankruptcy.

However, because this is the first case, he is totally unprepared and cannot be noticed.

In the days when Nanjing Night Net got crazy, he chose the wisdom of a successful entrepreneur and chose to stay calm for a while. He responded calmly and perfectly—in exchange for Zhao Sandun’s words, Nanjing Night Net and Ikea’s troubles would be very big. .

In short, for Huang Zong, one sentence: actually there are such operations? !

Now, the overall situation has been set.

Nanjing Night Net greeted his gaze and pointed to himself. “I, I agree, it’s good … I, holding the love of the shares, more than a year.”

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“Ah … well.” Huang Guangyi took a breath.

Even if the facts are even bigger, and many more experiences are made, people will still be afraid of real and actual violence in this environment.

Huang Guangyi had just been afraid, but fortunately, now because of the performance of Nanjing Night Network, he basically ruled out this possibility, and quickly eased over.

Just do not even say those words, he is hesitant, and he should know that he should have known it.

However, he could not help but ask because all the information he received had now only been able to extrapolate 90 percent… He could not wait to know the result.

“Please be fond of encounters. I am afraid that I will not be able to sit down again afterwards.” The reopening, Huang Guangyi’s opening remark was very mild, but he had a hidden needle. “This meal, will I end up with Jiang for a while now? Please, after all, good opponents are rare.”

What he meant: You ended up as my adversary, or just plainly said: I’m afraid you will soon have no money to check out.

But to say this, most of the people at the scene felt puzzled for a moment and had to turn around to watch Nanjing Night Net, waiting for him to answer.

Nanjing Night Network said: “Okay.” Nothing was even thank you.

Huang Guangyi: “…”

He finally decided to chat well.

“Then spread out and say it. As far as I know, Jiang always defaulted on most of the manufacturers’ purchases. It seems that these days are due to expire one after another,” said Huang Guangyi.

“Yes, but if I make a call, it will not be too big to postpone it for two days…. Now, I’m excellent. Everyone knows I will win, right?” Nanjing Night Network said that it was not because .

Huang Guangpei smiled. “I’m afraid that’s because they don’t know that Jiang has actually been an empty shell, right? If my information is correct, at most three to five days, the capital chain of IKEA will break.”


Behind Nanjing Nights, the manager of IKEA and the middle whispered in a low voice. They were all scared. Is it not clear that it has been turned over? What is the situation? How suddenly has the funding chain broken?

Nonsense, right?

“It seems that Jiang always conceals himself very well.” Huang Guangyi said with a glance and said: “Even if they don’t even know it, they still think Jiang has really got a large sum of money.”

All eyes are once again concentrated on Nanjing Night Net.

“Nonsense.” Nanjing night net calmly said.

“Is it?” Huang revealed a hint of irony at his mouth, then took a few pieces of paper and placed him in front of Nanjing Night Net.

This is all the information he can find in the past few days, including the recent daily sales of IKEA, and even including Nanjing Night Network in the Hong Kong City have called for consortia and tycoons and the like, all have records.

“I am interested. I think Huang Zong must have spent a lot of money. A lot of relationships and energy have found it hard.”

Nanjing Night Network said after the sentence, lay down lightly.

Huang Guangyi observed his expression and slowly said, “My money can still be used for at least two months.” He used a very arrogant manner, and even looked like the brain was left in a gesture of blind confidence and show off. A lie.

I do not know if it is true or false, but aggressive, as if in his eyes, twenty days, already absolutely enough for Nanjing Nights and IKEA to die.

“Only two months?” Nanjing Night Net: “Then you are dead.”

“…” seems to have adapted to the nightmare chat with Nanjing Night Net. Huang Guangyi ignored it and insisted on his own language logic. He continued: “It’s not as good as I give Jiang a chance… Let Guomei take a stake in IKEA, how about it?

Or you close the shop in Linzhou, sell it to me, and withdraw from the competition for Ericsson’s agent… I can consider not killing you and letting you go to other places to make a comeback.

Otherwise, within the next six months, every IKEA store will have its own beautiful store next door. ”

This is a threat, it is a temptation, and it is a temptation.

If Nanjing Night Net really is just the boss of an ordinary home appliance chain, the capital chain will soon be broken, and there will be no absolute confidence in the future of life. In the face of bankruptcy and the two options that are currently in sight, he may actually be tempted. .

As a result, Nanjing Night Net suddenly laughed, and even this time it made a little laugh.

“Is it right to invest in IKEA? Yes.”

When Nanjing Night Net came to this, “Why?!” was awkward and confused.

Nanjing Night Network ignored it and continued: “Huang always prepared the money and went back to buy two-handed IKEA shares… Even if it were less, you are our shareholder. Thank you for your support.”

Silence, silence because Nanjing Night Net mentioned a word: IKEA’s stock.

If IKEA really can be listed?

Everyone raised such a question in their hearts and quickly concluded:

Taking IKEA’s current prosperity in the market and winning momentum, if it is listed, it will almost certainly be optimistic. Then the stock price will rise steadily and the funds will continue to flow. If you are beautiful, you will die and you can’t die again.

“Are you kidding? Where are you from? Do you know how difficult it is for private companies like us to go public?”

Huang Guangyi asked a string of questions.

Facts He himself had also considered this issue before, and even tried and asked about it. However, in 1994, the listed quota still relied on “distribution,” and the state gave indicators, specifically to regions, industries, or departments.

It is said that the civil affairs department that manages marriage and divorce has accidentally allocated a quota for listing. It is very helpless and does not know what to do.

However, those private companies that are struggling to get listed are in the face of “rules”, systems, and big men.

Can not do it himself, Huang Guangyi does not think IKEA can do it.

“Since Huang Zong has even checked the information in the port city, why is it that Sheng Hai is not close at hand?” Nanjing Night Net looked at him and smiled and said: “Sheng Hai has friends, let’s make a phone call.” a bit.”

Huang Guangyi had a fight. If he listened to Nanjing Night Network, he lost his share of it. However, he was more anxious to know the truth than the huge panic.

After the phone call.

Waiting for news.

Huang Guangyi looked uneasy and suddenly said: “Go out.”

The beautiful and beautiful people bowed and left the box honestly and waited outside.

Huang Guangyi looked at Nanjing Night Network…

“You also go out first.” Nanjing Night Net sold Huang Guangyi as a face and turned around.

As a result, IKEA people also temporarily left the box.

At this point, only the pair of opponents who had already killed more than two months in the room remained silent. They waited for the telephone to ring and wait for the final answer to be revealed.

The time passes slowly.

“Actually, Ikea’s capital chain has indeed broken quickly, right?” Huang Guangyi suddenly asked.

“Yes, soon, Huang always wise.” Nanjing Night Network answered frankly.

Huang Guangyi finally confirmed his own speculation and got the answer he is eager to seek today. Knowing that he himself is actually going to win big victory soon, but now… this answer has no meaning.

Everything just wait for the phone to ring.

“It’s no wonder that you’ve recently been trying to create a competitive advantage for IKEA… Are you really preparing for the listing? … Well, I could have been desperate to stop you, at least you could have listed in the lowest valley, and I missed it.”

In a state of thinking, three consecutive sentences are spoken, and Huang Guangyi speaks out and his heart suddenly cools, because this is his own inference, and it is so reasonable and logical.

At this time, the phone rang.

Huang Guangyi reached out with a trembling hand and picked it up, listening quietly for a moment.

Nanjing Night Net looks and doesn’t care.

“Impossible, why, how can it be listed?” Finally, Huang Guangyi spoke up, he murmured into the phone.


“What? What is a backdoor listing?” Huang Guangyi suddenly loud, the whole person seems very upset.

If we trace back past history, the first case of “backdoor listing” in China’s stock market is somewhat controversial. However, the overwhelming majority of people believe that it occurred in the end of 1994 [Zhuhai Hengtong’s acquisition of Shenghai Liangguang State-owned shares].

In this historical transformation, the first case of “backdoor listing” in the Chinese stock market emerged several months in advance and it also changed the protagonist.

“Who’s the shell? Why? Why should I borrow him?!” Huang Guangyi said in a sad, unwilling tone to the phone, or begged, a negative answer.


“Love makes shares?” Huang Guangyi thought for a moment. “Love makes Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.? Isn’t that one of the old eight-dollar stocks? How could they agree? That’s state-owned stocks.”

The person opposite to this question cannot answer in fact.

No answer.

Huang Guangyi was there and suddenly felt someone patted his shoulder and turned his head.

Nanjing Night Net greeted his gaze and pointed to himself. “I, I agree, it’s good … I, holding the love of the shares, more than a year.”