And after more than one hour, they suddenly fell into a dead end.

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“Hey… Hey, Huang Zong… General? Are you listening in general? Hey?!”

On the mobile phone, Huang Guangyi’s friend is raising his volume again and again because of a loss of response.

Huang Guangyi maintained the state of his last sentence after listening to Nanjing Night Network, which was probably close to one minute. He thought it was hard to understand.

“Is this okay?”

“Well, this is OK.” Nanjing Night Network answered.

Huang Guangyi slackly nodded and took his eldest brother on the handle. The voice was calm and told the opposite person: “It’s okay… I’ll hang it.”

Hang up and put down the phone.

Huang Guangyi got up and shook slightly, but he stayed up, pulled his shirt, and reached out.

shake hands.

“21-year-old, entrepreneurial two years … … Jiang always good means, Huang admire.”

“Huang always kind enough.”

Huang Guanglei smiled. “But it’s not over yet. I think I still have a chance. I’ll try again.”

Nanjing Night Net nodded.

Then Huang Guangyi first walked towards the door.


The door opened, and people in the yard turned to look at each other.

It feels like the so-called closed-door discussion between the martial arts in the early years. People outside can’t see the process, but as soon as the door is opened, people come out and who wins or loses. It can be seen from the surface and the body.

Huang Guangyi took the first step in the doorway, and the answer was revealed: IKEA is really listed.

Two people in the yard.

While holding both hands at the same time, IKEA’s presence was too silent because of too much excitement, and they began to stand calmly in the room. Their young boss cheered.

The great joy and strong confidence in the future of IKEA, as well as the incomparable admiration of the young man inside, have reached an unprecedented height.

Another dialect face each other, tongue-tied, most of them stand on the spot. Only a few reactions took time to meet Huang Guangyi.

Huang Guangyi worked hard and smiled a bit under the palms of his hand and strove forward with great strides. However, an embarrassment…

Fortunately, the assistants and deputy chiefs handed over each of them one by one to hold him up.

More than an hour ago, they came here and took the initiative to touch Nanjing Night Net because they had taken the basis that IKEA was almost inevitably breaking the capital chain, and deliberately tried to poke through the nightmare created by Nanjing Night Net to prosper.

And after more than one hour, they suddenly fell into a dead end.

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