August night in Linzhou is still hot, but it is windy.

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August night in Linzhou is still hot, but it is windy.

Nanjing Night Net suddenly wanted to take a short walk on the streets of Linzhou in 1994.

IKEA employees either follow the car or they are willing to come and walk. They are wisely keeping their distance, allowing Nanjing Night Net and Yao to walk alone and have space for free dialogue.

Nanjing Night Net thought that there would be many words to ask, but no.

She just scattered the horse’s tail and walked easily in the breeze.

“Is there no surprise? Or would you like to ask me something?” Nanjing Night Net had no choice but to take the initiative.

He smiled and looked at the street in front of him and shook his head. He said that he did not, and then he walked for a while. Suddenly, he suddenly said something inexplicably: “Chea, I probably know you better than you think.”

This time, Nanjing Nightmare had some problems. The last time they knew it was slightly earlier than others, but it was just a little bit of time.

So from the point of view of a partner or a woman, she actually has the logic of anger and dissatisfaction, but she does not.

In retrospect, think about the date on the share transfer book.

Yes, Nanjing Night Net did not tell her her plans and preparations early on. However, it was not important. It was important that he had already made the best plans and arrangements for her from the beginning. Care and concern were not Vibrant.

Fifteen percent of the figures at the time seemed only reasonable and slightly higher. Looking back at the background of listing, it is actually a huge number.

If you do not shirk, you must keep it for him.

As a lonely and stubborn woman, she actually enjoys this feeling now.

“Look at those who choose to help you, how lucky they are.” Hey said again.

Nanjing Night Network playful said: “Fortunately did not let you down.”

The two men talked for a while and looked up to see a person standing under the power pole at the front of the road.

When they stood down, they gloated and said, “The one that seems to ask you something.”

Secretary Zheng took a dash and stood by the smoke. He had just arrived in Linzhou, arranged the stars brought by the port city and ran to the field. Unfortunately, it was still late.

“Zheng always so clever?!” Nanjing Night Net raised his hand to say hello and walked forward.

I didn’t follow, so I looked at him from behind.

The man walking in front of her was 21 years old and he had just won a business war that seemed impossible to win. He has influenced and is affecting the fate of many people.

Presumably he is warmhearted and under the impression of cynicism, he always gives the greatest kindness and trust to the people around him.

For example, er, there is also this time, those who choose to extend their gratitude in plight.

If a person’s body really has a magnetic field, then it’s easy to say around him, and it’s rare. It’s a small world of good, good and evil.

But he himself will never put his destiny into the hands of others.

It is not necessary either.

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