Nanjing Night Net greeted his gaze and pointed to himself. “I, I agree, it’s good … I, holding the love of the shares, more than a year.”

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“Ah … well.” Huang Guangyi took a breath.

Even if the facts are even bigger, and many more experiences are made, people will still be afraid of real and actual violence in this environment.

Huang Guangyi had just been afraid, but fortunately, now because of the performance of Nanjing Night Network, he basically ruled out this possibility, and quickly eased over.

Just do not even say those words, he is hesitant, and he should know that he should have known it.

However, he could not help but ask because all the information he received had now only been able to extrapolate 90 percent… He could not wait to know the result.

“Please be fond of encounters. I am afraid that I will not be able to sit down again afterwards.” The reopening, Huang Guangyi’s opening remark was very mild, but he had a hidden needle. “This meal, will I end up with Jiang for a while now? Please, after all, good opponents are rare.”

What he meant: You ended up as my adversary, or just plainly said: I’m afraid you will soon have no money to check out.

But to say this, most of the people at the scene felt puzzled for a moment and had to turn around to watch Nanjing Night Net, waiting for him to answer.

Nanjing Night Network said: “Okay.” Nothing was even thank you.

Huang Guangyi: “…”

He finally decided to chat well.

“Then spread out and say it. As far as I know, Jiang always defaulted on most of the manufacturers’ purchases. It seems that these days are due to expire one after another,” said Huang Guangyi.

“Yes, but if I make a call, it will not be too big to postpone it for two days…. Now, I’m excellent. Everyone knows I will win, right?” Nanjing Night Network said that it was not because .

Huang Guangpei smiled. “I’m afraid that’s because they don’t know that Jiang has actually been an empty shell, right? If my information is correct, at most three to five days, the capital chain of IKEA will break.”


Behind Nanjing Nights, the manager of IKEA and the middle whispered in a low voice. They were all scared. Is it not clear that it has been turned over? What is the situation? How suddenly has the funding chain broken?

Nonsense, right?

“It seems that Jiang always conceals himself very well.” Huang Guangyi said with a glance and said: “Even if they don’t even know it, they still think Jiang has really got a large sum of money.”

All eyes are once again concentrated on Nanjing Night Net.

“Nonsense.” Nanjing night net calmly said.

“Is it?” Huang revealed a hint of irony at his mouth, then took a few pieces of paper and placed him in front of Nanjing Night Net.

This is all the information he can find in the past few days, including the recent daily sales of IKEA, and even including Nanjing Night Network in the Hong Kong City have called for consortia and tycoons and the like, all have records.

“I am interested. I think Huang Zong must have spent a lot of money. A lot of relationships and energy have found it hard.”

Nanjing Night Network said after the sentence, lay down lightly.

Huang Guangyi observed his expression and slowly said, “My money can still be used for at least two months.” He used a very arrogant manner, and even looked like the brain was left in a gesture of blind confidence and show off. A lie.

I do not know if it is true or false, but aggressive, as if in his eyes, twenty days, already absolutely enough for Nanjing Nights and IKEA to die.

“Only two months?” Nanjing Night Net: “Then you are dead.”

“…” seems to have adapted to the nightmare chat with Nanjing Night Net. Huang Guangyi ignored it and insisted on his own language logic. He continued: “It’s not as good as I give Jiang a chance… Let Guomei take a stake in IKEA, how about it?

Or you close the shop in Linzhou, sell it to me, and withdraw from the competition for Ericsson’s agent… I can consider not killing you and letting you go to other places to make a comeback.

Otherwise, within the next six months, every IKEA store will have its own beautiful store next door. ”

This is a threat, it is a temptation, and it is a temptation.

If Nanjing Night Net really is just the boss of an ordinary home appliance chain, the capital chain will soon be broken, and there will be no absolute confidence in the future of life. In the face of bankruptcy and the two options that are currently in sight, he may actually be tempted. .

As a result, Nanjing Night Net suddenly laughed, and even this time it made a little laugh.

“Is it right to invest in IKEA? Yes.”

When Nanjing Night Net came to this, “Why?!” was awkward and confused.

Nanjing Night Network ignored it and continued: “Huang always prepared the money and went back to buy two-handed IKEA shares… Even if it were less, you are our shareholder. Thank you for your support.”

Silence, silence because Nanjing Night Net mentioned a word: IKEA’s stock.

If IKEA really can be listed?

Everyone raised such a question in their hearts and quickly concluded:

Taking IKEA’s current prosperity in the market and winning momentum, if it is listed, it will almost certainly be optimistic. Then the stock price will rise steadily and the funds will continue to flow. If you are beautiful, you will die and you can’t die again.

“Are you kidding? Where are you from? Do you know how difficult it is for private companies like us to go public?”

Huang Guangyi asked a string of questions.

Facts He himself had also considered this issue before, and even tried and asked about it. However, in 1994, the listed quota still relied on “distribution,” and the state gave indicators, specifically to regions, industries, or departments.

It is said that the civil affairs department that manages marriage and divorce has accidentally allocated a quota for listing. It is very helpless and does not know what to do.

However, those private companies that are struggling to get listed are in the face of “rules”, systems, and big men.

Can not do it himself, Huang Guangyi does not think IKEA can do it.

“Since Huang Zong has even checked the information in the port city, why is it that Sheng Hai is not close at hand?” Nanjing Night Net looked at him and smiled and said: “Sheng Hai has friends, let’s make a phone call.” a bit.”

Huang Guangyi had a fight. If he listened to Nanjing Night Network, he lost his share of it. However, he was more anxious to know the truth than the huge panic.

After the phone call.

Waiting for news.

Huang Guangyi looked uneasy and suddenly said: “Go out.”

The beautiful and beautiful people bowed and left the box honestly and waited outside.

Huang Guangyi looked at Nanjing Night Network…

“You also go out first.” Nanjing Night Net sold Huang Guangyi as a face and turned around.

As a result, IKEA people also temporarily left the box.

At this point, only the pair of opponents who had already killed more than two months in the room remained silent. They waited for the telephone to ring and wait for the final answer to be revealed.

The time passes slowly.

“Actually, Ikea’s capital chain has indeed broken quickly, right?” Huang Guangyi suddenly asked.

“Yes, soon, Huang always wise.” Nanjing Night Network answered frankly.

Huang Guangyi finally confirmed his own speculation and got the answer he is eager to seek today. Knowing that he himself is actually going to win big victory soon, but now… this answer has no meaning.

Everything just wait for the phone to ring.

“It’s no wonder that you’ve recently been trying to create a competitive advantage for IKEA… Are you really preparing for the listing? … Well, I could have been desperate to stop you, at least you could have listed in the lowest valley, and I missed it.”

In a state of thinking, three consecutive sentences are spoken, and Huang Guangyi speaks out and his heart suddenly cools, because this is his own inference, and it is so reasonable and logical.

At this time, the phone rang.

Huang Guangyi reached out with a trembling hand and picked it up, listening quietly for a moment.

Nanjing Night Net looks and doesn’t care.

“Impossible, why, how can it be listed?” Finally, Huang Guangyi spoke up, he murmured into the phone.


“What? What is a backdoor listing?” Huang Guangyi suddenly loud, the whole person seems very upset.

If we trace back past history, the first case of “backdoor listing” in China’s stock market is somewhat controversial. However, the overwhelming majority of people believe that it occurred in the end of 1994 [Zhuhai Hengtong’s acquisition of Shenghai Liangguang State-owned shares].

In this historical transformation, the first case of “backdoor listing” in the Chinese stock market emerged several months in advance and it also changed the protagonist.

“Who’s the shell? Why? Why should I borrow him?!” Huang Guangyi said in a sad, unwilling tone to the phone, or begged, a negative answer.


“Love makes shares?” Huang Guangyi thought for a moment. “Love makes Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.? Isn’t that one of the old eight-dollar stocks? How could they agree? That’s state-owned stocks.”

The person opposite to this question cannot answer in fact.

No answer.

Huang Guangyi was there and suddenly felt someone patted his shoulder and turned his head.

Nanjing Night Net greeted his gaze and pointed to himself. “I, I agree, it’s good … I, holding the love of the shares, more than a year.”

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