Nanjing Night Network finished walking forward.

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In front of it, Nanjing Night Net watched Nanjing Night Net come over and spit it out on the ground. This was very uncivilized.

“I just saw Huang Guangyi pass by them. They look very ugly. Then I called your people…” The secretary said, “I don’t really have anything to do with me!”

Nanjing Night Net is very calm and nodded.

“Hey… I would have turned my heart to the bright moon, and I didn’t see the moon in the light of the ditch.”

Secretary Zheng is very deep.

Nanjing Night Network said: “Roll.”

“Rolling ass.” “Nanjing Night Net’s original shape reveals her feet and says, “What I really want to do is to rush to Huang Guangyi to chat a few words. Did you know that? I’m going to interview Lao Huang and ask him how it feels like this sudden death.

What if today is Mr. Lao?

Huang Guangyi is estimated to vomit blood.

Nanjing Night Watch looked at him helplessly.

“You didn’t tell me even if you told me that it wasn’t right.” Secretary Zheng said: “You think about it. All I said in front of me was nothing, but I didn’t do anything. What would the outsider think of me? In fact, Jiang could have added another link.”


“When Ikea was in the most difficult time, I, I was at the summit of Nanjing Night Net, and I had a press conference to announce that I was considering supporting selling IKEA. Then the media shook and the people were in tears…”

He did not finish it, until Nanjing night net delivered a smoke.

“Stupidly not stupid? Do you think it is so fun?” Nanjing Night Net said depressed: “This matter before you put it does not matter, but really went to develop the cloth will consider selling that step …”

“what happened?”

“A boss who doesn’t even value his company. Think about it, your customers, dealers, suppliers, your team and employees, and your future investors. How can they trust you wholeheartedly? You, follow you, help you?” Nanjing Nightcome paused. “So, this kind of thing can only be said. Can’t do it. Understand? Once it is done, the prospect of ascending will be over.”

“…”Nanjing took a sip and understood it. Raising his hand silently put the cigarette in his mouth and took a point and said, “Thank you… but really, it doesn’t matter.”

“I know.”Nanjing Night Net smiled, and then said: “There are one or several brothers who are desperate for you in life. It’s a good thing … And then we have to do is not let them go there someday. Hard work.”

Nanjing Night Network finished walking forward.

Zheng Shuji thought about it there: From him to the veteran, to more people, Nanjing Night has always been the case.

“What did Liu Dehua do?”

“It is also good for listing platforms.”

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