Now, the overall situation has been set.

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The entire clue seems to suddenly become clear.

Why does Nanjing Night Net have to concentrate the funds that could have been able to drag for half a month in a shorter period of time? The gambling style creates a false prosperity and IKEA must win.

Because IKEA wants to go public, he is making a comeback for the share price.

IKEA is not likely to be listed on the basis of reason. This is known to everyone as the manager of the same type of company, Huang Guangyi, so the first time his emotional collapse in the process of answering the phone, not only because of the defeat, but also because of such sudden death, He has always been unable to accept and believe.

The answer has already come out, IKEA borrowed a shell, this shell is called love to make shares, is one of the old stocks in Shanghai.

As for why the love of the shares is willing to be borrowed, it is not long, but it is a bit embarrassing – because the person who decided not to borrow was Nanjing Night Net.

Of course, only Nanjing knew it. He thought that because he didn’t understand the size of the plate, he tried to fry the bull stocks. As a result, he took too much money. When he accidentally scrambled to become a shareholder, he was still very plaintive.

The person who had done this with him at the time was called Hu Hao. He was a pirate. He was even more ignorant than Nanjing Night. He didn’t even recognize the word.

Love initially made the state-owned shares, but this did not prevent it from becoming the most frequent stock of A-share equity changes in previous lives. The characteristics of the whole circulation, together with the small size of the dish, the dispersed ownership, and perhaps the leadership’s openness, have made it a very enthusiastic choice for the A-share market later, whether it is speculators or tycoons.

In the past life, Aishi’s shares only became five-year-old in the ten years after their listing. Natural persons Hu Mou, Liao Guofa, Yanzhong, Dagang Oilfield, and Tomorrow’s line took turns to take over.

In this world, its remarriage journey temporarily stopped at Nanjing Night Net. As for Nanjing Night Network, it was the first few hands, and it was not quite understood. It was definitely later than Hu Hu, a natural man.

In short, Chencang was in the dark, Nanjing completed the operation of IKEA backdoor listing, and it put forward the protagonist a few months earlier than the first classic case of backdoor listing in the history of the Chinese stock market.

The original example of the original, Zhuhai Hengtong acquisition of Sheng Hai Liangguang, but also eaten the state-owned shares listed companies. Then, in 1995, the backdoor listing began to “flood”, and China’s stock market gradually became the world’s most willing to play the game’s stock market.

Express this paragraph in another way: At this stage, the leaders allowed this to happen.

Not to mention that Nanjing Night Net has also made a lot of lobbying and preparation work for clients.

Because it is the first case, there are no examples to follow, so that the artificial factors of this operation are far greater than the rules, so that Nanjing Night Net has gained great convenience.

Go back and say: If Huang Guangyi knows early, is it possible to block it?

The answer is yes.

If he knows that it is an early stage, he can completely block and delay IKEA to complete the operation through official wrestling;

Even if he knows that the time has come to an end, he still has time to do one thing: In the duel, at the cost of IKEA, he has to force IKEA to fall into the brink of bankruptcy.

However, because this is the first case, he is totally unprepared and cannot be noticed.

In the days when Nanjing Night Net got crazy, he chose the wisdom of a successful entrepreneur and chose to stay calm for a while. He responded calmly and perfectly—in exchange for Zhao Sandun’s words, Nanjing Night Net and Ikea’s troubles would be very big. .

In short, for Huang Zong, one sentence: actually there are such operations? !

Now, the overall situation has been set.

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