On the other side, on the edge of the kitchen.

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On the other side, on the edge of the kitchen.

“It’s okay, right?” Tang asked.

“Well, thank you, Dazhao.” Even Xiaoying sat, nodded his head, then turned his head and looked at him with his courage and shouted again: “Big brother.”

The girl’s voice was crisp and she was now slightly nervous and trembling. It was unexpectedly tempting.

Her face was a little hot and her heartbeat was heavy and quick. After she had just been rescued and held, the 18-year-old girl had a somewhat complex and hopeful mood.

“Then, you go to checkout. Laiyang, I already arranged for it. Someone will come and send him to the hospital. No worry.”

“And if you are scared later, you call me.”

Tang Lianzhao still has the look of an older brother.

“Oh.” Even Xiaoying’s voice was accompanied by a hint of regret and arrogance, and he got up and went out to pay his bills to the one who was going to leave.

After finishing the account, the assistant paid and turned to look at Huang Guangyi…

Huang Guangyi: “…yield, get together.”

Just now, he himself said that today he treats guests.

Because at that time, he felt that Nanjing Night Net would soon be bankrupt.

The fact that Nanjing Night Network is still a state of no money and will be bankrupt…

But this thing,

Nanjing Night Net knows it.

You know.

Huang Guangyi now clearly knows.

In addition, outside … no one knows.

Huang Guangyi really wants to tell everyone that all manufacturers, people, and especially investors, “Don’t believe him, he’s going bankrupt, don’t buy his stocks, don’t.”

However, it is obvious that it is already too late. After several days of bloody battles and an exclusive interview, Nanjing Night Net has created a national consensus that IKEA will win.

And in everything, he watched it complete – not moving, perfect layout, shot like a thunder.

Now, even if Huang Guangyi personally stands on the roof of the Shenghai Securities Building and shouts his throat, no one will believe him.

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